Lino Tub Chair

from R 11 247.00

Sophisticated and shapely our Lino Chairs were designed with comfort and luxury in mind. The solid wood frame and tapered legs hug the fully upholstered seat and create mid-century inspired perfection. Use our Lino’s strong sense of form and clean lines to elevate your space with a touch of modern elegance.




Fabric usage (for custom build)

4m Plain
5m Pattern

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How should I measure to make sure this fits?
To measure for your new Wunders piece, make sure to clear a space in the room where your new piece will be placed. Measure the width and length of the space to give you an idea of the furniture size you need. Remember the importance of scale when decorating a space. Make sure the size and shape functions within the space and its not too large that you cannot adequately move around, oversized furniture can have an adverse affect and make a room appear small and undersized pieces will appear to be floating and misplaced.